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Battery Charger / Extender for the PSP for under $5!

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Okay... so I got bored today and wanted to hack something or build something. I decided to build something... so based on plans I saw here, here, and here I decided to make one for the PSP. The PSP takes 5V in which is what the USB version puts out. It took about an hour to test and solder (I suck at soldering) and viola! It works! The only thing is that there doesn't seem to be enough current to keep the PSP at "charge" status while the device is on. When playing a game or watching a movie, the status light on the PSP cycles from green to orange repeatedly. But with the unit off, the status light stays orange meaning it's charging. The only thing is that the voltage regulator tends to get a bit hot, and while charging, there is an extremely high pitched buzz that's barely audible that eminates from the plug end of the charger that's not present with the OEM wall charger... if anyone can shed some light on it, let me know! In addition, since the LM7805 is rated at 1A, and the PSP draws 2A, the unit will not power the PSP without the battery in place. I might upgrade the device in the near future to put out 5V and 2A! Here's some pics!

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  1. your pictures are not really clear. You can cool the regulator by heatsinking it. The simplist way might be to thermal glue the regulator to the case. Or you can simply use a nut and bolt through the big hole in the tip of the regulator. jut make sure that the setup works before you plug it in.

    THe high pitch whine is the regulator doing it's job, but I am not sure how commen this is for this particular regulator as I have not really used them that much. The wall charger works on a completely different princible, so it should not hum. and it it does, it should be at a different pitch.

    I have tested my psp with a bench power supply, and have found that the psp will use 250 mA at a minimal load. I have not had time to do much else (work/school) but I will look further into how much power the psp really uses. I will be gone all next week, so you might have to wait a little. I can only imagine that the psp will use 2 A only when the battery is charging and you are playing the most power hungry games.

    Oh, btw, 250 mA is enough to get to run, but might not to boot. i'll look into that also.

    I have just completed an external ni-mh battery pack for the psp and it works great. I will be using it on my trip next week. check back at hackaday for deenko's post for more details in the usb battery v2.

    well, hope this helps a little and sheds some light.

    Comment from: Deenko [Visitor] — 04/21/05 @ 22:20

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