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Damn nagging women...

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So yesterday I showed Karie the pictures from our trip this past weekend.

She said that I was chunky and my boobs gave her night terrors. Lol... well, not quite... but it was something along those lines. She then said I needed to work out so when I went to go pick up my photos from Rite-Aid I decided to ride my bike instead of drive because of her incessant nagging.

Well... lo and behold, I'm riding my bike and my messenger bag gets caught on my keys, so I look down and try to free them. When I looked up I saw that I was careening toward a freaking telephone pole!

My left hand was caught in my bag and I had no time to sufficiently brake.

I braced myself for impact and BAM! I smack into the telephone pole. I go tumbling and scrape up my elbow, my hand and my left hip. When I get up I realized I also have a HUGE knot on my right leg under the knee and to the side of the bone from the impact with the telephone pole and a gash on my right arm and shoulder.

Now, my whole body was already sore from rafting this past weekend and this really didn't help. I looked at my bike and it didn't seem to suffer any major damage but the force of the impact bent the brake down so that it was almost perpendicular to the ground. The impact also cracked the chainguard and derailed the chain.

I sat for a minute or two to catch my breath and continued onto Rite Aid.

With all these minor injuries and my body feeling all banged up... it feels kinda good. Like a rush or something... weird.

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