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So back in February I posted This wish list.

Today, 4 months later... I've come very close to fulfilling that wish list. Hell... I even have some more stuff that I wanted!

So without further adieu, my current equipment list:

Canon Rebel XT
Opteka Battery Grip
18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Kit Lens
28mm f2.8 Wide Angle Lens
50mm f1.8 Standard Lens
75-300mm f4.0-5.6 Zoom Lens
AlienBees B400 Flash Units(x2)
48" White Shoot-thru Umbrella
48" Silver/White Umbrella
Paterson Gold/Silver Reflector
10/20/30/40 Degree Honeycomb Grids
Homebuilt Softboxes (x3)
Sekonic L-358 Light Meter

I actually just got the light meter today and I've been playing with it for the past hour. I don't actually have my flash kit yet (it arrives tomorrow) but I figured it was close enough to being had to include on this list.

I told Karie that photography is an expensive ass hobby. I should've chose something cheap and simple like... whittling as a hobby. All I would need is a knife and some wood. But then again, whittling doesn't get girls to take their clothes off for me... which, um, isn't the point of my photography... yea...

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