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I guess I should get back at it...

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Yea... this shit has been lacking. I guess instead of trying to come up with something profound or something I'll just post my random musings.

The topic of the day?

Airline Food.

What's the verdict on it? I guess people generally hate it. They think it's weird, bland, and generally crappy.

Not me.

I actually like airline food.


Yes, that's right. I LIKE airline food. Maybe that's because I've generally flown to and from Asia. On the Asian carriers I've flown with I've enjoyed the food that was served, and no - they didn't charge like many domestic airlines these days.

Even my trips to Europe I enjoyed the culinary fare that was offered. Especially when I got the upgrade to Business Class on Air France. Now that was some good food.

Now here's the thing, most people don't realize the amount of preparation and handling necessary to make and maintain food service on a commercial airliner. It's not as simple as microwaving a HotPocket!

But I digress... yes, airline food is great. I wish they sold airline food in supermarkets so that I could have that "vacationy" feeling whenever I like!

My only complaint is that the portions are always too small... and they never give you seconds. Booo the airlines for that.

Oh... and it feels good to be back! :)

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